The Apostolate of Father Paul Wickens and the
Chapel of Saint Anthony of Padua

The great apostolate of Father Paul Wickens was -- and is -- the restoration of the Roman Catholic Church to the rightful worship of Jesus Christ. To this end, he established Saint Anthony of Padua Chapel in the town of West Orange, New Jersey. Father Wickens frequently quoted Scripture (St. John 1:38-39) by saying "Come and See" to all who were seeking pure, unadulterated, doctrinally correct Catholic teaching and Sacraments.

St. Anthony's Chapel offered only the true, Traditional Latin Mass of the Roman Catholic Church. What does this mean? Among the visible signs:

There is much more to learn about the Traditional Latin Mass than can be written here. Please see the Links page for an excellent list of online resources to increase your knowledge of the One Truth Catholic Faith.


Attending Mass at St. Anthony's

Since Father Wickens' death, the current management of the West Orange property, in contradiction to Father's last wishes, has decided to affiliate with the very same corrupt Archdiocese that Father Wickens warned against for so many years. As a result, the faithful followers of Father Wickens departed West Orange for a truly Traditional Catholic chapel.

To carry out Father Wickens' wishes and honor his memory, St. Anthony of Padua Church of the SSPX was established temporarily in nearby Fairfield, New Jersey, and now permanently in North Caldwell, New Jersey. We invite all faithful Traditional Roman Catholics and all Catholics who are curious about the eternal and unchanging traditions of the Church to join us in celebrating the Roman Catholic Traditional Latin Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Mission.

To obtain full information about St. Anthony of Padua Mission, please visit its website, , for directions, schedules, and more information.



Although Father Paul Wickens has passed away, his apostolate continues. Donations are gratefully accepted. In honor of Father Wickens, please make contributions to:

Please make out your check to "St. Anthony of Padua-SSPX" and write "Building Fund" in the Memo field.

DISCLAIMER: This website is not affiliated with the current (2005) management of St. Anthony's in West Orange, New Jersey, and does not reflect the opinion or position of the administrators of that property.

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