The True Mass of the Roman Catholic Church -- the Traditional Latin Mass

Father Paul Wickens devoted the last 20 years of his life and priestly ministry to fighting the heresy in the modern church. The Church has been infected with heresies before (Arianism, etc.) and it's infected now. Currently the Church is battling Modernism, which Pope Saint Pius X called "the synthesis of all heresies." As a result of this, the modern Church is "celebrating" a false mass, invalid and devoid of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ. This loss of grace has not only resulted in the possible damnation of millions in the last 30 years, but it has also had an effect on society and the world: the graces of the Roman Catholic Church always "spilled over" into society, being the rising tide that lifts all. When grace stopped flowing from the Church ... well, pick up any newspaper and you can see the morass into which the world has sunken. Please use the links on this page to further educate yourself regarding the impact on society and souls.

Books by Father Paul Wickens

Father Wickens authored several excellent books expounding on Catholic doctrine. Please read them!

Traditional Catholic Websites

You are encouraged to read, read, READ all you can about this subject. Learn. Study. Pray for wisdom and guidance. The links that follow will help you in your search for the Truth.


Possibly the oldest web site dedicated to exposing the heresy of the modern church. Includes a library of files and FAQs, daily commentary from a Traditional Catholic priest, and a listing of all Traditional Latin Mass locations in the United States and Canada.

Society of Traditional Roman Catholics

STRC publishes an extraordinary newsletter, The Catholic Voice -- Father Wickens recommended it highly. The web site contains a number of excellent downloadable articles.

Catholic Family News

Another excellent publication to which you can subscribe. There are a number of articles that you can read online.

Novus Ordo Watch

Documenting the "fruits" of Vatican II. "Conservative" Catholics are encouraged to view this web site and then ask themselves: "Is this really the Catholic Church?" You will learn a lot of horrifying things about the "new mass" here.

Society of St. Pius X

An international priestly society that offers the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments in churches, schools, and missions around the world.

Communist Infiltration of the Catholic Church

Read this and you will see all of the "reforms" of Vatican II.

Traditional Catholic Counter-Revolution

A number of excellent articles and files.

Our Lady of the Rosary Library

A number of excellent articles. Be sure to read "Traditional Mass vs. New Mass."

Daily Catholic

Many good articles (in multiple languages), including a number of papal documents. The highlights of this site are the MUST-READ full texts of The Ottaviani Intervention and The Great Sacrilege.

Pope Saint Pius X's "Oath against Modernism"

Every priest was required to recite this oath until 1966. Wonder why Rome stopped this practice? Read the oath, compare it to what's been happening in the church for the last 40 years, and the answer will be quite clear.

TAN Books and Publishers

An Illinois-based publishing house that specializes in printing new and classic books of edifying Catholic insight. If you want to build a Traditional Catholic home library, this is the place to start!

Has Rome become the seat of the Antichrist?

A Priest's Return to the Traditional Mass

"Open Letter to Confused Catholics"


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